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Communication in European Funded Projects​

The EU provides funding for a range of projects and programmes in specific topics so specific policies and priorities can be pushed forward. After H2020 projects, now, Horizon Europe are the EU flagship programme for research and innovation. This is our field of play.

While technical experts and best minds in Europe work on delivering excellent solutions to the key issues of our time to build a better future for the next generations in Europe, they also need the best communicators to make their work visible.

This way, their achievements can withstand amongst an already overpopulated public arena so they can close the gap with audiences and markets, whilst satisfying the necessary KPIs involved in the grant agreements. Here is where we are  offering leadership, experience and solutions, from the submission to the final reports and deliverable to generate inmediate results in a sustainable and cost effective way.

What makes us different?


It allows transnational cooperation in a European consortium (i.e. how working together has allowed to achieve more than otherwise possible). Also, supports scientific excellence and combined with sustainability and outreach activities, contributes to competitiveness and to solving societal challenges.


We offer integrated measures with specially prepared content played at all touchpoints. From the Grant Agreement to final reports, during all life span of the project and even the entire customer journey, delivering effective messages in a an strategic way through as many channels as posible, keeping efficiency and effectivenes.


We provide strategically planned activities, targeted and adapted to audiences that go beyond the project’s own community including the media and the public. Our maxim is designing pertinent messages delivered thru the right channel and tools, relevant for public/societal engagement on issues related to the action.

Innovation, H2020 and Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe is the research and innovation support programme, hier of H2020, plays the role of supporting thiese policy fields in a system of European and national funding programmes that share policy objectives. Through the programme, special attention will be given to ensuring cooperation between universities, scientific communities and industry, including small and medium enterprises, and citizens and their representatives, in order to bridge gaps between territories, generations and regional cultures, especially caring for the needs of the young in shaping Europe’s future. This will be done paying attention to provide support to the European Green Deal and the Circular Economy Action Plan, alongside to the digital strategies ‘Shaping Europe’s Digital Future’, ‘Data’, ‘Artificial Intelligence’ White Paper, Digital Decade Communication and ‘Space Strategy for Europe’ where now joins the Digital Services Act and Digital Market act.

This progress in digital and industrial technologies, including in space, shapes all sectors of the economy and society. They transform the way industry develops, create new products and services, and are central to any sustainable future.

This is our specialization and where our experience lays. However, the complexity of this area allow us to be ready display a wide range of resources and activities in all fields to address any challenge to come.

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